Pre & Post Concussion Testing

Oakville Optihealth Clinic is a proud Complete Concussion Management (CCM) Clinic


We have a fully comprehensive pre and post screening assessments and return to play programs. 


The growing body of evidence on concussions is highlighting the long-term detrimental effects of this condition.  It is therefore critical that latest research and objective measures be used to ensure the utmost safety of yourself or your children.


Pre Screening/Baseline Testing


Baseline testing is used to record cognitive skills, balance and coordination and for any concussion-like symptoms.  The outcomes from pre-injury tests are used to compare to a similar test conducted during the season if an athlete has a suspected concussion.  Comparing post injury tests results to baseline results can assist the Optihealth Clinic team in identifying the effects of the injury and making more informed return to play decisions. 


What Is Involved?

  • Check for concussion symptoms

  • Concentration, Memory and Reaction Time using ImPACT computerized system

  • Balance/Coordination and Strength/Power using the latest biomechanical technology


Post Concussion Assessment & Return to Play


Following a suspected concussion, testing will be completed to determine the severity of the injury and if advanced medical care is required.  If medical attention is not warranted, post concussion testing similar to the baseline tests will be performed to record the extent of the concussion. 


From this post concussion testing, the Optihealth Clinic team will be able to design a return to play program for the athlete. Each concussion is unique and we design a rehabilitation program to fit each individual.


Recovery time from concussions varies greatly and thus athletes will be monitored closely to ensure a safe progression through their return to play program.



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