Massage Therapy for Pregnancy

Massage Therapy shouldn’t always be considered a lavish treat to enjoy only on rare occasions or holidays. The therapeutic benefits of massage, both pre and post natal, are numerous. A women’s body can go through dramatic physiological changes as the fetus grows and it is important to address these symptoms as they arise.

During all three trimesters, the woman’s body releases a hormone called relaxin. This hormone causes more laxity or mobility in the joints creating instability. This instability can present as pain in the low back, hips, ribs, neck and shoulders, leaving the woman more achy and vulnerable to injury. When this instability is paired with sudden weight gain and a change in centre of gravity, more discomfort and pressure in the low back and hips will occur.

A pregnant woman may also experience shortness of breath as the fetus grows and the uterus pushes the abdominal contents up into the diaphragm. This physiological change will also splay the rib cage causing referred pain into the midback.

During a pre-natal massage treatment, positioning is one of the most important aspects. Depending on which trimester the woman is in will determine if she is laying on her stomach, side or back. No matter what, the focus of the massage is always to promote a stress free and relaxing atmosphere and to relieve pain and discomfort.

Soft tissue manipulation is important not only pre natal, but also after delivery, in order to reduce tension and pain in over stressed muscles and also for overall relaxation. A Massage Therapist will create a new remedial exercise plan in order to restore proper posture and alignment of the spine during functional movement.

A Massage Therapist at the Oakville Optihealth Clinic, who specializes in pre and post natal massage will help identify all of the restrictions and concerns of each client and will create an individualized treatment plan consisting of soft tissue mobilization and basic exercises.

Let us help you get pain free!

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