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in affiliation with Complete Concussion Management 

Our Story

As the story goes - it takes one to know one - and concussions we know.


Our involvement in the concussion world started well before we operated Oakville Optihealth Clinic.  Dr. Scott worked as an exercise scientist and cheerleading coach, where concussion is a very common injury.  Through his experience we brought on our own version of the management of concussion into the office, treating patients through a step-by-step approach to getting them back to work/school and their athletic commitments.  

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, we decided that we were going to partner with and join the Complete Concussion Management organization - a team of individuals whose focus and mission is to improve the collective understanding of the prevention, management and prognosis of concussion, and provide high quality, accessible and patient-centric care based on the latest scientific and medical research.


We are able to provide patients with baseline testing, return to learn, return to work and return to play strategies to ensure that you are safe and sound getting back to the things you love following your concussion.

Baseline Testing

A series of physical and cognitive tests that measures healthy brain function before a sports season starts. As symptoms of concussion will often disappear days to weeks before the brain has fully recovered, having baseline information may provide healthcare practitioners with valuable information on brain recovery that may help to inform safer return to learn, work and play decisions.

Return to Learn

Concussion symptoms can affect memory and concentration, which can impact academic performance. Return to learn helps students gradually return to mental activity and learning. We will offer personalized plans and provide updates to parents and teachers along the way.

Return to Work

A gradual program to reintegrate concussion patients back to work. 

Return to Play

Return to play is a step-by-step rehabilitation strategy and concussion protocol including assessments and sport-specific activities to determine physical and cognitive recovery. We will work with athletes through the multiple stages of concussion recovery.

If you are interested in learning more about how we manage concussions and whether or not an assessment is right for you please contact our office at 905-465-0202 or click the button below.

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