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Samm Fowles | Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Clinic Director

Office Manager

Samm has been apart of the CheerForce community for the past 6 years competing one of their worlds level teams.  Although Samm did not grow up with cheerleading she spent most of her youth and teen-aged years competing in rugby, kayaking, football, and several other recreational sports.

Samm current focus is the Athlete Development Program, a 12-week program and her and Dr. Scott have designed to focus on cheerleading specific strength and conditioning in order to enhance skill development, body awareness/flexibility, and peak performance for cheerleading.

As most athletes experience, Samm has had her fair share of injuries throughout the years.  From these injuries she was learned how important it is to effectively workout for your sport.  Samm is passionate about teaching athletes the balance of working out and practicing/competing to reduce the risk of injuries and help strengthen athletes to achieve their peak performance.

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