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our story

Over several years we have been successful in finding ways to improve brain health, manage concussion, and improve performance by partnering with the best in their field.  

The last piece to complete our puzzle was a tool that could not only assess imbalances and improve performance but it could also help us predict the risk of injury in our patients.  

What that said, we became the first facility in Canada of the Sparta Science Force Plate Machine Learning™.  We are now regarded as a leader in the industry’s gold standard in force plate assessments. 


Through this force plate assessment we are able to to protect our most valuable asset  - our patients.


With the Sparta Science Force Plate Machine Learning™ we are able to predict injury risk and fitness status in a few minutes.

With the objective measurements and data using the built-in artificial intelligence within the Sparta System we are able to pinpoint areas of weakness, reduce injury, and protect your joints, tendons and ligaments.  


We can also automatically assign individual training or rehabilitation plans proven to prevent injury that you can do while in the office but at home as well.  

For our athletes, we are able to validate your teams success with reports on individual, team and organizational readiness.  

With this new technology we have taken training and injury prevention to a new level.


Through the Sparta Science tool, we are creating a happier, healthier, stronger and injury-free you.  


If you are interested in learning more about how you or your team can benefit from a Sparta Science Force Plate Assessment  please contact our office at 905-465-0202 or click the button below.

Book your Sparta Science Assessment
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